This article is from May 15, 2021

Was the “PM Modi missing” advertisement printed in the Hindustan Times?


The Prime Minister is missing !! Advertisement in Hindustan Times News!

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In recent times a post spreading as an advertisement placed on the front page of the Hindustan Times newspaper as “The Prime Minister of India, also known as the Son of the Ganges. Also known as Pradhan Sevak. Description – Chest 56 inches, long white beard. It is known to be found in the company of big businessmen. Peacock lover.”

Fact Check:

Searching for this, the pages of the Hindustan Times news item released on May 7 have been published on . The real newspaper page featured the headline “ COURT A PUBLIC SPACE, COVERAGE PART OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH, SAYS SC” in the place where “Prime Minister Modi is missing”

The Hindustan Times did not advertise as that the Prime Minister was missing. The original Hindustan Times have taken the online newspaper, edited it and spread it wrong.

On May 13, the Outlook India news agency released a cover story entitled “Missing Government of India”. It is noteworthy that the photo went viral on Indian social media.

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Following that, someone edited the Hindustan Times news image and spread the edited image as Prime Minister Modi missing in the news.


In our search, we came to know that the Hindustan Times newspaper did not publish the advertisement in the newspaper that Prime Minister Modi was missing. It was an edited image.

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