PM Modi’s statue made of gold is from Gujarat’s Surat and not from Saudi Arabia.


Gold statue of Modi , Made by Saudi Arabia

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In the 28-second viral clip, we can see a statue that is gold in color rotating and with a board saying 156 gm. The video is shared with a claim stating that it is a gold statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was made in Saudi Arabia. This same video was also shared by users with similar claims and can be viewed here and here. Come let’s check the truth behind this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using relevant keywords on the internet regarding the viral gold statue of Prime Minister Modi in Saudi Arabia, we found that it was made by a jeweler in Surat, Gujarat.

On further searching about this, we found a piece of related news on the ‘Indian Express’ website in a report published on January 20, with the title, Surat jewelers carves PM Narendra Modi’s bust in ‘156 gram gold.’

According to the article, “Basant Bohra, the owner of ‘Radhika Chains’ located in Surat, made a 4.5-inch long and 3-inch wide idol of Modi in 156 grams of gold. He said that he did this to mark the victory of the BJP in 156 seats in the Gujarat assembly elections.

Also, an interview video of Basant Bohra has been published on YouTube page ‘Jansatta’. In the interview, we can hear the making of the whole statue with the details about the workmanship of eyes, hair and spectacles. From the above evidence, we can confirm that the golden bust of Modi was made in Surat located in Gujarat.


Therefore, we conclude through our investigation that the above viral clip showcasing the gold statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was made by a jeweler from Surat, Gujarat, and not from Saudi Arabia.

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