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Did the video of the police chasing a tractor happened during the Delhi farmer’s protest?


The police chasing a tractor of a man who was on way to participate in farmer’s protest.

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The 1.37 video has gone viral on social networking sites with the persistent information of an individual farmer riding on a tractor chased by police. The Uttar Pradesh police who tried to stop him from going to a farmers’ tractor rally in Delhi on January 26.

The video of a police vehicle chasing a tractor in the river has been shared by thousands. Therefore, we decided to explore its authenticity.

Fact Check:

The same video was released on ABP Asmita on January 25, 2021, when we searching for keywords related to the Uttar Pradesh police’s chase of the tractor we found a result “Uttarakhand police chasing the sand smuggling mafia”.

A report on Amarujala channel on January 22 linked a clear video of police chasing a tractor and information provided by the police.

The video was taken when police chased away illegal sand smugglers in the Kosi river in Uttam Singh district of Uttarakhand.

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The video was taken a few days before the Republic Day tractor rally on January 26. Therefore, the video shared as it was taken when the Uttar Pradesh police wanted to stop a farmer from going to a tractor rally, where it is being misrepresented by many in social media.


In our search, the viral video of the Uttar Pradesh police trying to stop the tractor of a farmer who is going to the farmer’s protest was a misleading title. It can be identified as a video taken when the police chased away a tractor carrying sand in Uttarakhand.

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