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Holi celebration video falsely shared as Congress leader’s election victory rally in Kasaba


*Kasaba Peth* *Mahvikas Aghadipaksha Victory Rally* * Ravindra Bhau Dhagekar Heyala Mahant Victory Rally*

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Congress party’s Ravindra Dhangekar won the assembly by-poll elections held recently in the Kasaba Peth constituency in Pune.

Meanwhile, a video of a massive crowd celebrating with colours is widely shared on Facebook with the claim that it is a victory rally of Ravindra Dhangekar in Kasaba Peth.

The viral posts in Hindi read as “*कसबा पेठ* *महविकास आघाडीपक्ष विजयी रॅली*रविन्द्र भाऊ धगेकर, विजय रॅली* हेयाला महंतात”.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video it is found that the viral video is not recent and is from Holi celebrations in Indore. A Facebook page named Indori is found carrying the viral video and two similar videos on 22, March 2022. This proves that the video is old and not a recent one.

A Reddit webpage is found carrying the video under the comments section of one of the posts. This video in the one-year-old comment is captioned as “Rangpanchmi, Indore (~75 yrs old tradition in the city)”.

A Youtube channel named ‘Ghar Nikhar with Manya’s Creation’ posted the viral video in March 2022 mentioning it as ‘Indore Rangpanchami gair 2022’.

A video is found with matching visuals from the viral video on the Webdunia Hindi Youtube channel. This video dated 22, March 2022 is titled “Rangpanchami 2022: Crowd gathered in Gair on Rangpanchami in Indore” in Hindi.

The description part says that the function is celebrated in Indore after 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


It is found that an old video of the Holi celebration in Indore is falsely shared as a celebration of Congress’ Ravindra Dhangekar’s election victory in Kasaba Peth constituency, Pune.

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