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Did the Pondicherry student find medicine for COVID-19? What is the Truth?


The good news… Ramu, an Indian student at the University of Pondicherry, has finally found home remedies for COVID 19. It was first approved by the WHO. He proved that the effect of corona can be eliminated up to 100% if one teaspoon of black pepper powder, two teaspoons of honey and a little ginger juice are taken continuously for 5 days. The world is starting to take this treatment. Finally, a happy experience in 2020. Thank you, send it to all your groups.



Ramu, a student at the University of Pondicherry, has discovered home remedies for COVID-19 infection which have been approved by the World Health Organization, according to a report on social media, including WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Followers shared a screenshot of the forwarded information shared on WhatsApp and asked us to state its authenticity. Subsequently, a search of the information revealed that the forwarded information had gone viral in other languages in July.
In India, especially in Tamil Nadu, there have been large-scale reports of COVID-19 infection being confirmed and cured by Siddha medical treatment. Similarly, if home remedies for COVID-19 infection had been found it would have been widely talked about. Ramu, a Pondicherry student, was not found in any official or media reports regarding the discovery of a cure for the COVID-19 infection.
Commenting on the viral information, Pondicherry University Vice Chancellor Gurmeet Singh said, “This is fake. The name of the university has also been included in the news. None of our students have made any discoveries regarding corona virus treatment, ” he told the Boom Live website.
Next, “mix one teaspoon of black pepper powder and two teaspoons of honey with a little ginger juice and cosuming it to COVID-19 for 5 days”. However, the World Health Organization has not approved the drug.
“Adding spicy pepper to your diet is very tasty, but it does not prevent or cure COVID-19,” says the World Health Organization’s website. Black pepper and honey are taken as home remedies for cough. Similarly, honey has antibacterial properties. However, its effect on COVID-19 has not been determined.
Various drugs are being used worldwide for COVID-19 infection. Vaccines are also being developed and tested. However, nothing has been officially announced as a drug for COVID-19.


In our search, it is rumoured that Ramu, a student of Pondicherry University, had discovered home remedies for COVID-19. It is possible to know that they are forwarding an event that did not happen.

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