Prank video of peeing on gulab jamuns shared as food jihad


What is the name of this #जिहाद after food jihad?

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A short video clip is shared on social media with the claim that it is food jihad as the person in the video is seen peeing on gulab jamuns kept in a vessel. This post was initially shared by Dr. Richa Rajpoot, Social Media Head of the BJP Youth Wing, Uttar Pradesh, following which the video clip is viral on social media. Some of the posts with the video clip can be seen here, here,here and here.

What is the truth?

This video clip is viral on Instagram but as a prank video.

Ashiq Billota Official, an Instagram page managed by TRF Media Private Limited posted this video a few days back asking the followers to mention the owner of the video if someone knows it so that they can add credits to the video.

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This full-length video clarifies that the person pranks the viewers by hiding the bottle in his hand and portraying it as if he is peeing on gulab jamuns and later revealing the bottle in his hands.

It was all false love jihad claims in the last month following the Shraddha murder issue and now it has started with food jihad.

Read below the ‘love jihad’ false claims debunked by Youturn.

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It is found that the prank video is cleverly clipped so that it shows only peeing part and is shared as ‘food jihad’.

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