This article is from Mar 13, 2021

DMK’s new MLA candidate was previously accused of attacking a woman at Perambalur beauty parlour?


The Perambalur DMK candidate who previously attacked a woman in a beauty parlour.

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The MLA’s seat has been given to the DMK members who beat up a woman at a beauty parlor in Perambalur, Twitter and Facebook have seen viral posts.

Fact Check:

Selvakumar, a former DMK councillor, was arrested in September 2018 in Perambalur for allegedly breaking into a beauty parlour and beating and kicking a woman. At the time, the DMK had announced that he would be suspended from the party.

However, a few months after the incident, Murasoli announced that the DMK councillor had apologized to Stalin for the beauty parlour incident and that he would be reinstated in the party.

However, rumours circulating that he had been given an MLA seat were false. Selvakumar is not on the DMK’s list of candidates for the 2021 assembly elections. Prabhakaran is the name of the candidate to contest from the Perambalur (Reserved) constituency on behalf of DMK.




In our search, the rumour that the man who beat up a woman at a beauty parlour in Perambalur has been selected as an MLA candidate is false. It is learned that the candidate fielded in Perambalur on behalf of the DMK is Prabhakaran.

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