Prega News Women’s day ad is edited and shared as Congress Mahalaxmi scheme campaign advertisement!


BREAKING NEWS – Congress has released a new hard hitting campaign ad on Mahalaxmi Scheme Khata Khat Khata Khat Prashant Kishore will never mention such brilliant ads and schemes but always cry about weak opposition.

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A 1 minute 14 seconds viral video is purporting that recently Congress has released a new hard hitting campaign ad on Mahalaxmi scheme. In the advertisement video we can see that the sweeping woman tells another woman carrying a crying baby to rub the child’s feet to stop it. Then the woman with the baby asked the sweeper how many children does she have and how is she managing to work in a hospital as well as at home.

Then the sweeper answered as 10 hour shift in office work and duty of a mother will start after that. Then all of a sudden one random woman says that doing this double duty she lost her life.

In the same video, Rahul Gandhi’s speech mentions “Indian women works for 8 hours in the office and works for 8 hour at home and do all the household work but they don’t get any compensation, so, Congress party comes up with a scheme ‘Mahalaxmi Yojana’ that would provide crores of women of India 1 lakh per year which means 8500 rupees per month.” This viral video ends saying voting for Congress guarantees developing India.

The viral video was shared by the Assam Indian Youth Congress president Zubair AnamMany Congress representatives and supporters also shared the same viral video and can be seen here, here, here and here

What’s the truth? 

We ran a reverse search image using the keyframes of the viral video and we found that the full original video is a Women’s days special Prega News advertisement which was posted by Prega News YouTube channel on 19 February 2022. 

This video description reads ‘celebrate women’s day 2022 with Prega News’. The context of this video is that women can perform as working women and can achieve anything and as a mother she can take care of a baby and the family. It’s all about the perspective. This Prega News women’s day advertisement was edited and falsely shared as a Congress poll promise Mahalaxmi scheme advertisement.


The Congress poll promise Mahalaxmi scheme viral video is edited and falsely shared. In actuality the clipped viral video is a Prega News Women’s day special advertisement.  

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