Fake image that spread as President Draupadi Murmu lived a simple life!


Modi has made her President who lived a very simple life! Sri Draupadi_Murmu

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A photo of a woman sitting in a small kitchen is being circulated on social media as the simple life of Draupadi Murmu, a tribal member who has been elected as the new President of India.

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What is the Truth?

The photo that is going viral does not look like it was taken when 64-year-old Draupadi Murmu was young, but it looks like it was taken recently. Also, the person in the photo is not Draupadi Murmu either.

When reverse searched the photo, Sheela Bhatt on 21 July tweeted a collection of photos of Draupadi Murmu’s childhood and his family’s renovated mud house in her native village, Uperbeda, as well as the kitchen in her home. It also has a viral photo.

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On further search, a YouTube channel called Shakti TV has released a video as a home tour of Draupadi Murmu’s residence in her village.

It is clear that the person in the viral photo is the woman who gave the interview and showed around the house, which was shown as Draupadi Murmu’s house.

Before this, another person who had come to see Draupadi Murmu’s house had taken a picture of the person sitting in the kitchen and posted it. But, it is being spread wrongly as Draupadi Murmu.


Draupadi Murmu is not the person in the photo being circulated that Modi has made her the president, who lived a very simple life. It can be identified as a recent photo taken at the house in her native village with the people there.

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