A murder by Prince Yadav is spread with an insinuation that it was committed by a Muslim.



An incident similar to that of Delhi’s Aftab has also been seen in Gauripura village of Azamgarh. A 22-year-old girl’s dead body was found beheaded and cut into several pieces from a well in Ahiraula police station area. We are living among wolves in human form. gruesome picture ☹️ #जागो_हिन्दू_जागो 🙏


A murder had taken place in near Paschimi Patti village near Azamgarh and the social media had been comparing it with the murder of Shraddha by Aftab Amin Poonawalla and insinuating that the murder was committed by a Muslim. “Wake up Hindu, Wake up” and “Shraddha” are some of the hashtags that are being used along with the tweets about the murder in Azamgarh. See here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

The victim in murder near Azamgarh is identified as the 22-year-old woman Aradhna Prajapati of Ishaqpur village and the killer is identified as Prince Yadav and had been subsequently arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police.

According to the initial investigation, Prince Yadav had confessed to the crime and had revealed that he was in a relationship with Aradhna for 2 years and had gone abroad to a Gulf country for work. As he was abroad, Aradhna was married to another youth in February.

Later when Prince Yadav came to know about this, he came back to the village and was pressuring her to break it off with her husband and be with him. As Aradhna was reluctant to do that, Prince Yadav killed Aradhna Prajapati with the help of his relatives and cut the body off into different pieces.

Comparing this murder with Shraddha Walker’s murder and the cutting of the body into multiple pieces following the murder, some are drawing parallels between both the murders which extends to even insinuate that Aradhna’s murder was also committed by a Muslim when in fact it is not, as the murderer is Prince Yadav, a Hindu. Some are twisting the facts to create enmity between the followers of Hinduism and Islam and create communal tension.

Azamgarh Police had released a clarification on the matter in their official twitter handle which can be seen below.

There are many instances of a man killing his girlfriend or wife over the years but taking a communal angle in these isolated and sporadic incidents to paint followers of one religion as bad people is unprecedented.


The killer in the Azamgarh murder is Prince Yadav, not a Muslim as implied in various social media posts.

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