This article is from Feb 09, 2021

Did Arvind Kejriwal announce that there should be no advertising on paid channels?


New Delhi: Kejriwal has said that all paid channels either should not have advertisements or the channels should not charge the subscription fee.



Although the Chief Minister is elected through assembly elections in Delhi, the capital of India, the Delhi government has only a limited amount of power, such as administration and education. Others will be controlled by the central government. This will lead to a power struggle between the central government and the Delhi Arvind Kejriwal government.

It can be understood that a government with only specific powers like Delhi cannot issue such a big order. Further, no official information has been released that such an order was announced by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

All television broadcasting activities and their digital activities in India are under the control of the Central Government. Only TROI (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India) determine or modify tariff details of telecommunication and television channels.

The TROI system is autonomous and cannot be exercised by state governments. For example, most people in Tamil Nadu are using the government cable connection but still, they only have the authority to change the channel order only not able to interfere in their advertisement policy.

In February 2019, News Article says “Specific channel subscription method was introduced across the country are offered as a package via cable or DTH. TROI announced that the subscribers can decide the channel they want to pay and not to pay for the channel no longer viewed “.

Following this, they have been spreading the rumour that the Delhi Chief Minister has issued such a notice like this since 2019.

Earlier, rumours were circulating that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was about to announce a new law that would allow one member of the family to work for the government, which went viral on the social media.



In our search, the information circulating that the Delhi government has issued an action order that all paid channels should not have advertisements and if not, they should stop charging the fees on existing channels is completely rumoured.

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