This article is from Jul 26, 2021

Priya Malik won a Gold Medal at World Cadet Wrestling Championship, not Tokyo Olympics !


First Gold in Tokyo Olympics by Priya Malik !

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Many social media users are sharing a post claiming that Priya Malik won first gold to India in Wrestling in Tokyo Olympics. Few other posts can be seen stating that Priya Malik won gold in the World Cadet Championship category in Olympics.

What is the truth?

Priya Malik won a Gold medal at World Cadet Wrestling Championships in Budapest, Hungary but not Tokyo Olympics.

In the final round of the 73-kg weight category in the World Cadet Wrestling Championships, Priya Malik defeated her opponent Belarus wrestler Kseniya Patapovich 5-0.


Mirabai Chanu from India won a Silver medal in the weightlifting category in Tokyo Olympics. But it is being spread as Priya Malik won gold in Tokyo Olympics.

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It is also to be noted that an old video is now being spread as Surya Namaskar in Tokyo Olympics.

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