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Rumour that Priyanka Gandhi have cast Congress leader to act as Hathras rape victim mother!


Priyanka casts Congress leader as relative of victim in Hathras

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Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi visited the rape victim girl’s house on October 3 to offer condolences to the family of the Hathras girl. There, a photo of Priyanka Gandhi hugging a woman and saying consolation has gone viral on social media.

On the Facebook page of Fervid Indian, they posted ameme that Priyanka Gandhi the leader of the Congress party who hugs and comforts her and pretends that the relative of the Hathras woman was really a member of the party.

Fact Check:

The same Fervid Indian Facebook page had earlier spread memes that the woman in the photo of Priyanka Gandhi hugging and comforting as “Naxal”. However, we published an article describing the truth as they are spreading rumour.

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The woman in the consolation photo of Priyanka Gandhi is neither a “Naxalite woman” nor a “leader of the Congress party”. She is the mother of the deceased woman. On October 3, ANI released a video entitled “Watch: Priyanka Gandhi consoles Hathras victim’s mother” with a photo of Priyanka Gandhi comforting her at the home of a Hathras teenager.

Pratibha Porkar, a member of the Goa Congress Committee, is pictured as a Congress leader where his photo was wrongly spreading as the woman who hugged by Priyanka at Hathras. There is a viral photo featured on the cover of his Facebook page.

It has been revealed on the website on January 16, 2019 that Pratibha Borkar is head of the social media committee of the Goa Committee.

Rajkumari Bansal, a native of Madhya Pradesh, went viral as a Naxalite woman staying at the home of a Hathras teenager. In the previous article, we had described the media report given by Bansal about this. She denied the allegations against him.


In our search, it was rumoured that Priyanka had cast the Congress leader as a relative of the victim in Hathras. It is learned that rumours spreading constantly about Priyanka Gandhi regarding the Hathras incident.

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