Chelhum procession at Delhi was a preplanned event approved by the police and not a riot


#Delhi : Video from Sansad Marg, where large group of pissfools taking out procession chanting radical slogans. All this just 2 days prior to #G20Bharat summit. What is this preparation for..?? Same way they started the anti Hindu roits in name of anti CAA protests while the then US president Donald Trump was on visit to Bharat. Btw , remember every time the clown prince visits abroad he comes with a new stock of kerosene to sprinkle all over Bharat .


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In the viral video shared on social media we can see a lot of people, especially burqa-clad women walking in groups and together they chant some loud slogans. Mostly everyone was wearing black outfits, some people were holding signboards, green with black flags and we were also able to see some auto, and two-wheeler kind of vehicles moving along the crowds.

This video was shared claiming that a large number of people chant religious slogans when the G20 Summit is only prior to 2 days, What are they prepared for? The same way they started the anti-Hindu riots in the name of anti-CAA protests while the then US President Donald Trump was on a visit to India. The same viral video is widely spread on social media with similar claims that can be seen here and here. This viral clip was also shared by a “Sudarshan News” reporter ‘Sagar Kumar’ too.

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Come, let’s check the authenticity of this claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the relevant keywords, we came to know that the marching was done by the Shia Muslim community people who observe Chehlum procession on the 40th day after Muharram which commemorates the martyrdom of Immam Hussain (grandson of Prophet hazrat Mohammad). It’s said to be a traditional programme.

Interestingly, we found out that the procession was done a day before(06.09.2023) because of the forthcoming G-20 Summit. To top it all, this was undertaken after getting permission from the Delhi Police. This news was informed to the public by the “Press Trust of India” through their X handle attaching the “Delhi Traffic Advisory” information. The Delhi Traffic Advisory posters included the traffic diversified points from all four directions north, east, west, and south of Delhi.

Then we searched further, we got the full details through the X account of Delhi Police regarding the whole Chelhum procession, its plan, travel route, start and end timings along with tarffic diversion points and regulations. (Source: Delhi Traffic Advisory)

Moreover, on 7 September 2023, Delhi Police itself clarified stating that, “Some social media handles are wrongly projecting videos of Chehlum procession,as communal protest before G-20 Summit.The Chehlum procession is traditional one and carried out with due permissions from the law enforcing agencies. Please do not Spread rumors.”

This clearly proves that the video doesn’t show any communal riots and the whole procession is carried out with all the permissions from the law and order.


Therefore, we conclude with all the available evidence that, the viral clip of Muslim community people marching is not a riot instead it’s a procession which they observe on the 40th day after Muharram. Besides, the whole event is happened after getting proper permission from the law and order department.

This proves that the viral video is shared with false and misleading claims.

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