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Annamalai spoke without knowing that it was the govt’s community baby shower ceremony !


‘Could not attend the GST meeting as I had to attend one of my relatives baby shower function’, is this an answer? – Annamalai

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Fake claims like TN Finance Minister Palanivel thiagarajan did not go to the GST meeting as he had to attend his sister-in-law’s baby shower function, sister-in-law’s daughter’s puberty ceremony, is being shared widely on social media by other political party supporters and members.

Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai in one of his interviews, “Finance Minister said that he did not attend the GST meeting as he had to attend his sister-in-law daughter’s baby shower ceremony. Is this an answer?”, questioned.

A video clip where the Minister PTR talks about the baby shower function is also viral on social media.

What is the Truth?

45th GST Council Meeting was held at Lucknow on 17th September. But this is also being shared wrongly as it was held in Delhi. TN Finance Minister Palanivel thiagarajan has answered in an interview on September 17th about the reason for not attending the GST Council meeting.

At 9.40th minute of the video, “It is a rule that the members of the state should be invited. But we have received it very late. We had our assembly sessions very recently which went for almost a month to submit a revised financial budget and to raise subsidy requests. This made me concentrate less on my constitution. Since I thought that it would be over by September 13, I have given commitments to take part in 3,4 functions each day from 16th till 20th. I didn’t receive the invitation by that time but have received it after the 10th.

I have duties to be done to the people who selected me. Today GST council meeting is happening, here Smart city project research is under process. Earlier the meeting did not have major agenda. But additional agendas piled up before 3 days. I have read 500 paged document and has submitted the Tamil Nadu’s opinion. The delay in newly added agendas, already committed functions, and going to the baby shower function here are the reasons”, he answered when he was asked why wasn’t he attending the GST meeting.

Since he has mentioned that he has promised to attend functions and baby shower ceremony in his constituency, a few have misunderstood it as his relative’s function. In fact, the function mentioned was the government’s community baby shower function.

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Office of PTR Twitter page has posted, “Finance and HRM Minister PTR has provided gifts as a ritual to 150 pregnant ladies belonging to Madurai constituency in the community baby shower function organised by the Department of Social Welfare & Women’s Rights, Madurai”, along with the photos.

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The minister himself has replied to the fake news that is being shared.


BJP President Annamalai’s claim that the Finance Minister said that he did not attend the GST meeting as he had to attend his sister-in-law daughter’s baby shower ceremony is fake. Minister PTR mentioned taking part in the community baby shower function which was misspread as his relative function.

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