This article is from Mar 18, 2021

All BJP MLAs in Punjab are rumored to have joined the Congress!


In Punjab, all BJP MLAs joined the Congress party now.

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All the 3 BJP legislators in the state of Punjab were seen spreading information on social media that they had joined the ruling Congress party and that Punjab had now become a non-BJP state.

Fact Check:

There is no official information or news that all the BJP MLAs in the state of Punjab have joined the Congress party. Also, the information that there are 3 BJP MLAs in Punjab is false. Currently, there are only 2 BJP MLAs in Punjab, Arun Narang and Dinesh Singh. The two have not changed party.

“I have been a three-time BJP MLA in Punjab. I am still at my party. The rumours circulating that I have joined the Congress are false, ”Sujanpur BJP MLA Dinesh Singh told India Today.


Punjab BJP MLAs Arun Narang and Dinesh Singh have both denied the viral information on social media. But across India, there are rumours that Punjab BJP MLAs have joined the Congress party en masse and that Punjab has become a non-BJP state.

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