This article is from Oct 02, 2020

Rumor has it that sexual violence in Pakistan took place in India!


In Congress-ruled Punjab, six men have been forced into a field after raping a woman after pouring alcohol on her. Why the people of Tamil Nadu not cover up if something goes wrong in the Congress-ruled states?



The death of a woman from an oppressed community in Uttar Pradesh who was allegedly subjected to collective sexual violence has drawn condemnation across the country. We are witnessing the emergence of political conflicts in Uttar Pradesh following the news of a series of sexual assaults.

In this context, the Tamil Nadu media, which talks about sexual violence in the BJP-ruled state, has posted a meme linking to a news link claiming that six people in the Congress-ruled state of Punjab poured alcohol on a woman and raped her and threw her in the field. Followers were also asked about its authenticity.

The report states that was the scene of sexual violence in the Pakistan state of Punjab. Also, the city of Jaranwala, where the incident allegedly took place, is located in the Pakistani state of Punjab.

According to The News International, 6 people sexually assaulted a woman who was waiting for a bus in the Pakistani city of Jaranwala after pouring alcohol to her and abused into her car. Similarly, it has been reported in many Pakistani news.


We could see some people posting on social media that such incidents are happening not only in the BJP-ruled state and that sexual violence against women has taken place in the Congress-ruled state of Rajasthan as well. Sexual violence against women continues to occur every day across India.

We can understand how those in power and those in the politics are turning sexual violence into a political conflict. Instead of addressing sexual harassment of women, conflicts and hoaxes are created on social media.

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