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The old poll that is being spread as the AIADMK provided good governance!


Puthiyathalaimurai Polls: Which Government Provided Good Governance in Tamil Nadu?
AIADMK – 34.48%,
DMK – 33.33%
Answer – AIADMK.
Which government has acted for the benefit of the poor?
AIADMK – 35.04%
DMK – 30.96%
Answer – AIADMK.
Which is the best government in maintaining law and order?
AIADMK – 36.65%
DMK – 29.63%
Answer – AIADMK.
Improve the public distribution system
Which government has implemented it?
AIADMK – 37.06%
DMK – 31.52%
Answer – AIADMK.
Which government will fulfil its promises?
AIADMK – 31.83%
DMK – 27.66%
Answer – AIADMK.

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With the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections set to take place in April, some screenshots and information on the Puthiyathalaimurai news agency’s poll on what constitutes a well-governed government is going viral on social media as the media, election polls, alliances and the media are all over the place.

The poll shows that the people have overestimated the AIADMK government instead of asking questions as to which government has implemented and which government has kept its promises.
Fact Check:
Searching for this poll conducted by the Puthiyathalaimurai News Agency, we came across a poll conducted by the Puthiyathalaimurai News Agency in February 2016.
The screenshots are taken from the Puthiyathalaimurai ‘s poll video released in February before the 2016 assembly elections are now being circulated by AIADMK supporters.
However, no news has been released that the new generation news agency has conducted a public opinion poll based on the AIADMK and DMK rule for the 2021 elections. Examining the pages of the Puthiyathalaimurai news front page, including the YouTube channel, no such news was featured.
When we contacted Manoj, the digital editor of Puthiyathalaimurai News, about the viral poll, he denied that it was currently an election poll.



In our search, we can see that the screenshots that were spread that the people were referring to the AIADMK government in the Puthiyathalaimurai’s opinion poll as to which government provided good governance in Tamil Nadu were taken from the Puthiyathalaimurai’s poll video released at the last 2016 elections.



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