So the story goes that Russian President Putin went in person to bid farewell to Indian students !


Video of Russian President Putin boarding a plane full of Indian students and inquiring whether they are safe.

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BJP supporters have circulated a 2-minute video of Russian President Vladimir Putin visiting Indian students as they prepare to board a flight during the war in Ukraine.

What is the Fact?

The viral video features the logo of the news agency ET NOW. While searching for the video on the channel, we came across the fact it was reported on February 26 that ” Indian Ambassador of Romania Rahul Srivastava conversing with Indians before the flight “.

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Also, a video on the YouTube channel of the Indian Ministry of Information Technology and Broadcasting featured Indian Ambassador of Romania Rahul Srivastava communicate with Indians was released on February 26.

Earlier, a rumor was circulating in India that India had suspended the Russia-Ukraine war for six hours.


Based on our search we affirm, the video being circulated as Russian President Putin had visited Indian students on the plane and sent them on their way was false. That person in the video is identified as Indian Ambassador, Rahul Srivastava.

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