Didn’t US President Joe Biden respect Prime Minister Modi at the Quad Summit?


US President Joe Biden disrespects Indian Prime Minister Modi.

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The 2022 Summit of the Quad Organization, which has members from India, the United States, Australia and Japan, was held in Japan. The conference was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Australia’s new Prime Minister Antony Albanese.

The BJP supporters shared a photo taken during the summit in Tokyo of Prime Minister Modi walking up the stairs as other leaders followed which is viral. After that, two video footages have gone viral on social networking sites claiming that Joe Biden did not even look back and respect Prime Minister Modi at the Quad conference.

What is the truth?

The footage has been going viral since the video was captured when the leaders of the 4 countries met together and when the moment was photographed at the Quad Summit. The full video recording of the event has been released on Aaj Tak’s YouTube channel on May 24.

The Prime Minister of India and the Prime Minister of Australia are seen walking together. Joe Biden is seen pointing at Prime Minister Modi, shaking hands and talking with the Prime Minister of Australia, after which he is seen talking, laughing and shaking hands with Prime Minister Modi.

Naveen Razik, a journalist for Australia’s SBS News, posted on Twitter a video of the four leaders being photographed in Tokyo. Only the first 14 seconds of this video have been shared on social media.

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In our search, it would be wrong to say that US President Joe Biden did not respect Prime Minister Modi at the Quad Summit. In the full video of the event, Joe Biden was seen talking to Prime Minister Modi, laughing and shaking hands.

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