No, the woman in the video is not Queen Elizabeth II


“This is the Queen herself throwing food to African kids like chicken and then you all have the audacity to post and type Rest in….”



The Queen of United Kingdom  ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ died at 18:30 BST in her Balmoral Castle, Scotland on 8th September 2022. Following her death, several social media users are spreading this clip which has now become viral.

The video is claimed to be that of Queen Elizabeth throwing food at her subjects when she visited African colonies of the British Empire.

What’s the truth ?

We took the keyframes of the video and reverse searched them. We found that the video has been uploaded to YouTube on 13th November 2006.

The video is also featured in the IMDb website which keeps a database of all the movies from all over the world. The IMDb site mentions the clip with a description that it was taken in French Indochina (Vietnam) in 1901 by Gabriel Veyre.

Gabriel Veyre was a French Director and photographer. The Europen women in the video with Victorian-era clothing can be seen throwing coins at the children as they scramble to get their hands on one.

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II was not even born when this video was supposedly taken. Elizabeth II was born in 1926 and became the Queen in 1952. However, Gabriel Veyre was dead by 1936, long before Elizabeth II became the Queen. Hence, the woman in the video is not Queen Elizabeth II.


The claim video is taken in 1901 by Gabriel Veyre, a French Director, much before Queen Elizabeth II was even born. The claim that the woman in the video is Queen Elizabeth II in Africa is false. 

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