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Is the test drive video of India’s Raphael plane real or not?


When our soldiers showed the Raphael fighter plane a small test drive game…

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On July 29, the first batch of 5 Rafale aircraft arrived at Ambala Air Force Station. The following video of Indian soldiers conducting a test drive of the Raphael plane that landed in India has gone viral in many languages ​​across India. In Tamil, they are sharing the Baahubali film song in a 3-minute video and another language song in the 9-minute video.

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In our search, we were able to see that the people featured at the beginning of that viral video are not Indians. Moreover, no such video was released on the official website or news of the Indian Army. From this, it became clear that the video was taken abroad, and not in India.

While searching for the English words “Dassault Raphael” we learned about this video. A 9-minute video was released on the YouTube channel PaddyPatrone on September 30, 2016. In it, he mentions that in 2016, Dassault Rafael filmed a plane flying over the Celtic region of Austria.

The video taken during the air show of the “Dassault Rafale” aircraft in Austria in 2016 has been spread as the test drive of the Indian Rafale aircraft purchased from France.


In our search, the video that went viral claiming that “our soldiers showed off the Rafale fighter jet during the Test Drive game” was filmed in the Austria country from 4 years ago.

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