American media did not question if Rahul came from India or Pakistan.


A San Francisco-based newspaper headlined Whether “Rahul Gandhi came from India or Pakistan”.They wrote this because of the way he was talking about India. It sounded like an enemy of India could only speak like that. What a shame!

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The image of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the US was shared with criticism in the Hindi News article about his speech, which was translated digitally into English claiming falsely that it was published by the San Francisco-based newspaper for his anti-Indian stance.

What is the truth?

As the image unfurled widely by social media users with a caption headed on the San Franciso-based newspaper whether Rahul Gandhi came from India or Pakistan, they mentioned this as only a foe can speak like this.

In search of keywords and newspaper reports from various available sources, the viral news report was found to be elusive. And by searching with the Hindi translation of a viral English image as the image contains a Hindi letter, leads to a tweet containing the same image of the article but in Hindi.

In spite of that, several discrepancies were found in the report suggesting it was digitally translated from the Hindi article. The font of the entire text was in conflict, which is similar to the translated image using Google’s image feature. And also found that the text was patchy, which bears a close resemblance to Hindi wording.

The screenshot of the viral news report with a Hindi caption matches the English title which was shared by the user. The English version of the viral image was in contrast with the Hindi version of the image, like font or text discrepancies which suggests the Hindi version as the original image. Further, no more details were found regarding the San Francisco newspaper article about Rahul belonging to India or Pakistan.

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Conclusion : 

Here, from the above information, the image shared was a purely translated image from Hindi. Therefore, it is a false claim.

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