Rahul Gandhi did not tear 2013 ordinance. The image is of him tearing up a paper in an election meeting in 2012.


2013: No one who is convicted for two or more years of jail can be elected to Parliament and Assembly – Supreme Court. Manmohan Singh govt brought ordinance to overturn it. @RahulGandhi tore the Ordinance publicly. 2023: Rahul Gandhi is ordered 2 years of jail.

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Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader has been disqualified as a Member of Parliament from the Lok Sabha after a Gujarat court convicted him in the case of defamation over his ‘Modi’ surname remark during the election campaign in Karnataka in 2019.

In this situation, multiple verified Twitter accounts and other social media accounts (as seen here, here, here, here, here, here and here) shared an image of Rahul Gandhi with a paper or tearing it to claim that he tore up the 2013 ordinance that the Manmohan Singh led Congress government brought against the Supreme court’s decision of not electing a person to Parliament and Assembly who is convicted for two or more years of jail.

Multiple mainstream media including English Jagran, NDTV, Mint, Hindustan Times, and Zee News also reported the same while reporting the related news.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the viral image, we found that the image is from 2012 when Rahul Gandhi tore up a piece of paper in an election meeting accusing BSP and SP of making promises a mere list of assurance that was of no use. The same is reported by India today with the viral image in its article dated 15, February 2012.

The visual clip of him tearing the paper is also found in video news uploaded by NDTV on 16, February 2012. The video is titled ‘In dramatic flourish, Rahul Gandhi rips up paper at rally’.

2013 ordinance

In April 2013, Supreme Court held that MPs and MLAs convicted for certain offenses will be disqualified from the house for a further period of six years after their release. Months later, Manmohan Singh led Congress government brought an ordinance seeking to overturn the rule that disqualifies convicted MLAs and MPs. Rahul Gandhi expressed his personal opinion against the ordinance that his party brought in. Later, this ordinance was scrapped.

ABP News Youtube channel is found carrying the video of Rahul Gandhi’s opinion about the ordinance. This video dated 27, September 2013 is titled ‘Ordinance on convicted lawmakers is complete nonsense: Rahul’. This video does not show Rahul Gandhi tearing any paper or ordinance.

The description part reads as follows: Going against the Congress government’s ordinance on convicted lawmakers, party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi today opposed the ordinance. The Congress VP expressed his “personal opinion” about the ordinance saying, “It should be torn up and thrown away, its complete nonsense.” He mentioned that the ordinance should be torn up but no visuals of him doing it is found.

Indian National Congress Youtube channel also uploaded the video of Rahul Gandhi expressing his opinion about the ordinance on 27, September 2013.


It is found that the image of Rahul Gandhi tearing up a piece of paper in an election meeting in 2012 is shared to claim that he tore up the ordinance to overturn SC’s decision on disqualifying convicted MLAs and MPs from the house.

It is to be noted that Rahul Gandhi indeed said that the ordinance brought by the Manmohan Singh led Congress government in 2013 should be torn up and thrown away. But no visual is found to prove that he torn up the ordinance.

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