False images spread by the BJP supporters as the caravan used for Rahul Gandhi’s pilgrimage!


This is Rahul Gandhi well known as PAPPU’SBHARAT THODO YATRA arrangements. Congress said he will not stay in hotels but will be with workers whereever vaccant ground is available.Neithher party nor Rahul said that they will be st aying in specially designed super lauxury CARAVAN’S

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Rahul Gandhi is leading a Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir called Bharat Jodo Yatra on behalf of the Congress Party. Various criticisms are being raised by the BJP for Rahul Gandhi’s yatra.

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It was reported in the news that 60 caravans have been arranged for the accommodation of Rahul Gandhi and his party leaders participating in the yatra.

Nirmal Kumar, head of the information technology department of the Tamil Nadu BJP, had posted some photos on his Twitter page, saying that the facilities in the caravans used for the pilgrimage were like this. The BJP is also posting it on social media.

What is the truth?

Looking at the photos posted, they looked like old photos. After doing the reverse image search of the photos, these photos have been published on the following website in 2013 mentioning that the Fiat Ducato chassis imported from Italy by a company based in Punjab and “JCBL PLA HS75” was converted into a caravan.

The two photos posted by BJP’s Nirmal Kumar on Twitter as Rahul Gandhi’s caravan can be known as old pictures of caravans published on some websites in 2013.

When reverse image searched another photo of a caravan from the viral posts, the same image was seen on a website named ‘luxecamper’.

However, the viral video of a caravan where accommodation facilities such as bedrooms and toilets have been arranged with AC for the use of Rahul Gandhi and the second phase leaders of the Congress party is being shared by the BJP supporters.


The photos posted by Tamil Nadu BJP’s IT wing chief Nirmal Kumar and other social media users claiming that the caravan used by Congress leaders and Rahul Gandhi during the Bharat Jodo Yatra were incorrect. They are old photos published on some websites in 2013.

However, a video of the well-equipped caravan used by leaders participating in the Congress party’s yatra is now being shared on social media.

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