Rahul Gandhi clears the air over the viral dog biscuit video!


This is why nobody with self-respect can stay in Congress. Today Himanta Sharma ji has been vindicated… Rahul first offers a biscuit to a dog When the dog refuses he gives the same biscuit to Congress karyakarta Glad people like Himanta ji & me had too much dignity to remain here & be treated like dogs! Shameful congress culture to treat everyone like slaves and dogs of the first family

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Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, is seen campaigning with party members in an open car in this 13-second viral video. We also noticed a dog in the car that Rahul was petting with a biscuit. After giving it a sniff, the dog declines to eat the biscuit. And Rahul gave the biscuit to one of his supporters who was standing nearby.

This post was shared with a claim stating, “This is why nobody with self-respect can stay in Congress. Today Himanta Sharma ji has been vindicated. After a dog declines Rahul’s biscuit offer, he gives the same biscuit to his party worker. Himanta Sharma was treated like a dog. Congress culture to treat everyone like slaves and dogs.” One can view similar claim posts here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

When we started our analysis with the relevant keywords we came across many articles addressing the same incident.

According to reports of the Times of India, “Rahul Gandhi, a Congress leader, has addressed the controversy surrounding a viral video depicting him feeding biscuits to a puppy during his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Jharkhand.” He further added, “The man in the video is the actual owner of the dog, stating, “The dog was nervous, shivering, and when I tried to feed it, it got scared. So I gave biscuits to the dog’s owner, and the dog ate them from his hand. I don’t understand what’s the issue.”

The article was titled “‘What have dogs done to BJP?’ Rahul Gandhi responds to attack over viral ‘biscuit video’

We also got another article from The Indian Express captioned as “‘Don’t understand BJP’s obsession with dogs’: Rahul Gandhi after row over ‘biscuit video.’ In this article, Rahul clarifies that he offered a biscuit to a dog owner to feed the animal after it refused to eat from his hands. He added that he does not understand the BJP’s obsession with dogs.

The Economic Times, India Today, and NDTV have all written about this same incident.

All of these reports make it clear that the widely circulated rumors that Rahul Gandhi fed the same biscuit to a party worker and a puppy are untrue and deceptive.


We therefore conclude that the viral video claims that Rahul Gandhi gave a Congress party worker a biscuit after attempting to feed it to a dog are untrue.

Rahul has clarified regarding the same saying the person is the actual owner of the dog. Since the dog got nervous when he tried to feed it, he gave the biscuits to the man and then the dog ate from his hands.

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