An edited video is being shared to ridicule Rahul Gandhi !


When Rahul Gandhi was asked to show the backside of the poster, he turned around and showed his own ass.

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Rahul Gandhi released a booklet in a press conference at Congress Head Quarters in New Delhi about the plight of the farmers.

A video is being circulated with a caption that when asked to show the backside of the booklet’s poster, Rahul Gandhi turned to show his back.

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This is being widely circulated coinciding with the beginning of Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kanyakumari.

What’s the truth?

The video was actually taken on 19th January 2021 at Congress Headquarters in Delhi. The press conference was called for launching a booklet “Kheti ka khoon” about the plight of the farmers during the then ongoing protest against the farm laws.

The full video of the event is available on the ‘Indian National Congress’ YouTube channel.

In the second minute of the video, Rahul Gandhi and others stand up to show pose with the booklet. As the reporters ask Rahul to turn towards them, he turns to them to show the booklet in various angles. Then, he jokingly says that Congress people are very fair and takes a dig at BJP members by saying, “BJP members would show like this” and turns to show his back. It could be understood that Rahul Gandhi was implying that BJP members would cowardly show their backs when a reporter asks a question.

But this video was edited to remove the original audio and also a comical music has been inserted. This edited video is being widely shared by many right-wing supporters to make fun of Rahul Gandhi on social media. Similar campaigns have been done against Rahul Gandhi in the past. Very recently, Rahul Gandhi was ridiculed by using an edited video which we have fact-checked.

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The video has been edited and a wrong claim is added that Rahul Gandhi showed his back when asked to show the back of the booklet. We find the claim to be completely false.

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