Did Rahul Gandhi refuse to take aarti during Navaratri 2022?


A video claiming that Rahul Gandhi refused to take aarti during Navaratri pooja is doing rounds on social media.

Several Twitter users have made the claim and can be found here, here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse image searching the keyframes of the video, a Facebook post dated 26, September 2017 on the account named ‘With RG’ was found.

It is found that the viral video is not a recent one but from the year 2017. And it is also clear from the video that Rahul Gandhi is performing aarti at the beginning of the video which is snipped and is being shared now with false claims.

When searched on Twitter with the keywords from the above Facebook post, several tweets from their official accounts reconfirmed that it happened in September 2017 and Rahul Gandhi indeed performed aarti.

Vinay Kumar Dokania, Congress Party tweeted the link of the pooja video that he has posted on his Facebook page.

Twitter Link

Rahul Gandhi and ANI mentioned the occasion with a few photos on their tweets.

Twitter Link

Twitter Link


The claim that Rahul Gandhi didn’t perform aarti in Navaratri pooja this year is fake. The video shared along with the claim is an old video from 2017, and Rahul Gandhi can be seen performing ‘aarti’ in the full video clip. The video is snipped in a way to spread false claims.

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