No, Rahul Gandhi did not say throw out the ‘Hindus.’ He said, throw out ‘Hindutvavadis’ !




Several controversies have been raised about Rahul Gandhi recently ever since he started his Bharat Jodo Yatra campaign in which he plans to cover the distance of 3570 kilometres from Kanyakumari to Kashmir by walk. Ever since the yatra began, there has been a massive rise in misinformation spread against Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Party including Rahul Gandhi’s family members.

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Now, a video of Rahul Gandhi allegedly saying that Hindus should be thrown out of the country is being widely spread by the BJP supporters.

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What’s the truth?

The virally shared video was taken during the Mehangai Hatao Rally in Jaipur, Rajasthan on 12th December 2021. Using reverse image search techniques, we were able to find the official video that was posted on Rahul Gandhi’s verified YouTube page.

In the rally, we can see Rahul Gandhi making comparisons between Hindus and Hindutva on many occasions. This particular short video that is being shared by supporters of the BJP comes by the 12.01-minute mark.

From the video, we can find that Rahul Gandhi actually said that the Hindutva rule should be thrown out and the Hindu rule should be brought back.

The official transcription of Rahul Gandhi’s speech is uploaded to the Congress party’s website which says the following:

“Today if there is inflation, pain, misery in this country, then this work has been done by Hindutvavadis. Hindutvavadis want power at any cost. Like Mahatma Gandhi said, “I want truth, I seek truth, I don’t want power.” Similarly, Hindutvavadis say, “I want power, I have nothing to do with truth. Let the truth go to hell. Let me get the chair.” And it is the rule of these people since 2014. It is the rule of Hindutvavadis, not of Hindus. Isn’t it true? It is true that it is the rule of Hindutvavadis, not of Hindus and we have to once again throw out these Hindutvavadis from power and once again bring the rule of Hindus.”

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The same is understood from the video also. There were several news outlets that covered the event and they all published that Rahul Gandhi said “throw out these Hindutvavadis and bring back rule of Hindus.”

From Rahul Gandhi’s full speech, a section of 10 seconds clip is cut where he can be heard saying “we have to once again throw out these Hindutvavadis from power and” where it ends abruptly. Sentence both before and after this sentence is cut out. Also, Rahul Gandhi stammers when he was said the word Hindutva in this section of his speech (even in the original video) which is cut and used by BJP supporters that Rahul Gandhi said that we need to throw out Hindus.

It is interesting to note that, in 2018, Amit Shah said to BJP’s social media volunteers that they can get any message to go viral, both real or fake.


In our search, we find that the clip is cut from the full video in such a way that it gives a wrong meaning. The sentences before and after the viral clip is being carefully cut out and only a small portion is being spread by BJP supporters to falsely accuse Rahul Gandhi of saying we need to throw out Hindus.

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