Did Rahul Gandhi insensitively try to shake hands with an armless person?

The famed BJP IT wing and right-wing ecosystem claim that Rahul Gandhi was insensitive to a disabled person.


Rahul Gandhi trying to shake hands with an “armless” person? Is he for real?

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Rahul Gandhi was the Member of Parliament from Wayanad constituency. After he was disqualified from his post following the conviction and 2-year sentence in a criminal defamation case, this is Rahul’s first visit to his constituency where he addressed a public gathering. A video from the public rally is now shared virally in social media with a claim that Rahul Gandhi tried to shake hands with a person who does not even have an arm. This is shared along with a criticism that Rahul’s act is insensitive. Even BJP’s IT wing head Amit Malviya shared the same video similar caption. Some of similar posts can be seen here, here and here.


What’s the truth?

Rahul Gandhi’s event was live streamed in his official YouTube page which can be seen below.


The physically challenged man lent his arm first and then Rahul Gandhi shook his hand with him. From the full video, it does not appear to be an insensitive gesture as claimed in social media posts. In fact, from the videos & photos from the event, it appears that the two shared a heartfelt moment.

There have been many such disinformation against Rahul Gandhi and many of which is spread directly by Amit Malviya, the head of BJP’s IT wing. We have compiled a list of such incidents which can be read below.

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Rahul Gandhi did not shake hands with an armless person as an act of insensitivity as claimed by the social media posts which use a clipped and trimmed down video of just 9 seconds.

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