Did Rahul Gandhi meet BBC documentary producer a few months back?


A documentry takes 4-6 months to make

Exactly 6 months ago, Rahul Gandhi was at UK n he said “Kerosene has been poured all over India, now it just needs a spark of fire”

M I the only one who is sensing Congress conspiracy behind BBC documentary to instigate riots in India ?

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The documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’ released by BBC Two claiming that Narendra Modi is “directly responsible” for the climate of impunity that enabled Gujarat 2002 violence was aired on 17, January 2023. Since then it has turned into a controversial topic of discussion across the media and social media platforms. The documentary turns further controversial after the screening was banned by the Central government.

In this context, an image of Rahul Gandhi with two others is shared on social media with a claim that he met the producer of the BBC documentary a few months back and that the meet is linked with the documentary. It is also mentioned in the posts that exactly 6 months ago, Rahul Gandhi was in the UK and said “Kerosene has been poured all over India, now it just needs a spark of fire”. Posts with a similar claim can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching the image with google lens we found that the image is not of Rahul Gandhi’s meet with a BBC documentary producer as claimed.

The Tribune India article dated 25, May 2022 titled ‘Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with Jeremy Corbyn triggers row’ is found carrying the viral image mentioning it as ‘Rahul Gandhi with Jeremy Corbyn and Sam Pitroda’. The BJP and Congress exchanged barbs over Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn who is “infamous for his anti-India stand”, reported the article.

India Today‘s Youtube channel posted a video on the viral image on 24, May 2022 mentioning in the title that Rahul Gandhi poses with UK MP Jeremy Corbyn.

The Indian Overseas Congress Twitter page on 23, May 2022 posted the viral image mentioning that Rahul Gandhi is with their Chairman Sam Pitroda in London.

Sam Pitroda took to Twitter on 25, January 2023 to clarify that it is not a BBC executive in the viral photo. Further he also posted an image of PM Narendra Modi with Jeremy Corbyn.


It is found that the photo of Rahul Gandhi with Sam Pitroda and Jeremy Corbyn, UK MP is falsely shared that he met a BBC documentary producer a few months back.

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