Rahul saying potatoes convert to gold is not his own; rather he referred to those as Modi’s words to Farmers!


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Rahul Gandhi is heard discussing how putting a potato on one side will turn it into gold on the other in the shared video. In a parliament, we also see him making fun of himself. This post is shared with a Hindi infographic message translated to: “Looking at the intelligence of some people, it seems that buffalo is the biggest.”Related posts with similar claims can be seen here, here, here, and here. Let’s check the authenticity of this video.

What’s the truth?

Using pertinent search terms like “Rahul potato” and “Rahul potato gold,” we began our investigation on Google. This directed us to a lengthy YouTube video that contains the entire speech delivered by Rahul Gandhi in Pathan, Gujarat. With the caption, “Gujarat is struggling with the decisions of PM Modi-Rahul Gandhi,” the video was uploaded on November 13, 2017.

According to the video, the viral segment comes around the timestamp of 17- minutes and 52 seconds. Here, we can hear Rahul Gandhi saying, “Modi said to Potato farmers that he will install such a machine where potato is inserted from one side and gold will come out from another side. Insert potato from one side and take gold from the other side……Not my words, these are the words of Narendra Modi”

When we advanced our search, it led us to an ABP NEWS video uploaded on Jan 16, 2018. The video is titled “HERE IS THE TRUTH of Rahul Gandhi’s Potato to Gold formula.” In the 3-minute, 32-second video, it is explained that Gandhi was alluding to Prime Minister Modi when he said that the latter had promised farmers he would install a device that would turn potatoes into gold.

The aforementioned details make it clear that the widely circulated rumors that Rahul Gandhi mentioned potatoes turning into gold refer to Prime Minister Modi’s speech, not just his own remarks.


To sum up, the video showing Rahul Gandhi speaking about potatoes converting to gold is clipped and edited. This means the viral claims are false and misleading.

In the original video, those words told by Rahul Gandhi about potatoes & gold are referred to as PM Modi’s speech to farmers.

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