Priti Gandhi’s tweet about Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is misleading !


Tamil Nadu, the ‘Temple State’ of India, has the maximum number of temples per lakh population in the entire country. The State is home to 79154 temples. But @RahulGandhi  is not visiting a single Hindu Temple in his Tamilnadu route of #BharatJodoYatra. Only Churches & Mosques.

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Rahul Gandhi has kicked off his Unity of India (Bharat Jodo Yatra) rally in Kanyakumari. The rally is scheduled to last 150 days and it would end in Kashmir covering a distance of 3570 Kilometers. Ever since the rally began, several fake news items have been spread by the BJP supporters and the right wing.

BJP’s Priti Gandhi tweeted on 11th September  2022 that Rahul Gandhi visited many mosques and churches but did not visit any temples in Tamil Nadu, which has the most temples in the country.

What’s the truth ?

The Bharat Jodo Yatra was launched on 7th September 2022 and the rally started on 8th September 2022. On 10th September 2022, the rally crossed the Tamil Nadu border and entered Kerala.

Congress has published a route plan on their ‘Bharat Jodo’ Twitter account and on ‘bharatjodoyatra’ website for all these days and the plan did not include Rahul Gandhi visiting any Mosques or churches. However, the planner mentioned that Rahul Gandhi visited Scott Christian College and Nesamony Memorial Christian College. According to the plan, the Yatra halted at Scott Christian College.

We called Congress spokesperson Iniyan Robert to find out if Rahul Gandhi visited churches and mosques. Iniyan Robert denied Priti Gandhi’s claim that Rahul Gandhi visited any church or mosque and pointed out that the Yatra began after Rahul Gandhi visited the Vivekananda shrine who is one of the most Hindu spiritual leaders. Iniyan Robert also shared with us the detailed route plan for the Tamil Nadu leg of the Yatra which indeed had mentions of Churches and Mosques. But clarified that Rahul Gandhi did not visit any churches or mosques; they were just meeting points or checkpoints along the route.

We also called Selva Perunthagai, the Congress MLA from the Sriperumbudhur constituency to get his perspective regarding the claim made by Priti Gandhi. He pointed out that the Yatra halted at Scott Christian College but did not visit even the church inside the college premises. He also pointed out that Congress also paid charges to park the caravans on the college ground. Selva Perunthagai also denied Rahul Gandhi visiting any churches or mosques; however, he paid his respects to Vivekananda, a Hindu spiritual leader. He also asked if Priti Gandhi can share any images or videos of Rahul Gandhi visiting mosques or churches in the Tamil Nadu leg of the rally. In addition to refuting the claims, Selva Perundhagai termed Priti Gandhi’s tweet as toxic propaganda by the BJP.

Priti Gandhi mentions that Rahul Gandhi had visited churches and mosques to insinuate that Rahul Gandhi is anti-Hindu. However, he had visited the famous Sivagiri Mutt in Kerala on 14th September 2022 which is 8th day of the rally.

Priti Gandhi has recently shared a video claiming that Narendra Modi got energetic support from Gujarat’s Kutch crowd in a rally conducted in 2022. But we fact-checked the video and found out that it was an old video from 2019 taken in Kolkata.

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In our fact-check, we were not able to find any pictures of Rahul Gandhi visiting any mosques or churches as per the claim made by Priti Gandhi, though the rally halted at Scott Christian College. We got confirmation from Congress spokesperson Iniyan and Congress MLA Selva Perundhagai who also denied Priti Gandhi’s claim.

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