This article is from Nov 23, 2020

Is the satellite video of heavy rains and floods in Madurai real?


We have a satellite image of India. From now on, this image clear shows how much rain is going to fall in Tamil Nadu from this Friday to next Saturday and Sunday. Chennai is likely to receive heavy rainfall. If this happens, there is a possibility of floods equal to the number of floods in Chennai in 2015. Besides, it is going to rain heavily all over Tamil Nadu. But, if you look at this image, the storm will hit the rounder and touch Madurai. There is a possibility of a large scale flood in Madurai. Everyone should be alert in the coming weeks.



There is a fear among the people that floods will occur due to heavy rains. People are afraid because of the worst incidents of the past will happen this time. In this situation, the video of a person talking about a satellite video showing heavy rains in Tamil Nadu and floods in Chennai and Madurai has gone viral on social networking sites including WhatsApp.

When Youturn contacted Tamil Nadu Weatherman Pradeep John about a video with satellite imagery warning of heavy rains in the south for the next one week, he said, “This is completely false news. This video was first shown 7, 8 days ago as the storm was heading south. They have been downloading and distributing the video. There is no chance of rain in the south. Areas like Madurai and Thoothukudi are not prone to heavy rain.

At first the storm was going through that area. It was rushed for that. But, we can say for sure in 2 days at present, it is likely to cross the border between Karaikal and Chennai in the North East.

Nothing can be said now about the flood. Let’s see how it rains. Authorities will take action after heavy rains in Chennai reach 22 feet accordingly. Areas including Cuddalore, Villupuram and Chengalpattu are likely to receive heavy rains.

If the storm is to cross the coast near Chennai, the rainfall will be even higher. Since that happened in 2015, it is fair to count the floods. But first, government officials will take action depending on how it rains. The video that went viral was “graphics of an old computer model.”


From the information we have, we can learn that the viral video of the heavy rains and floods in the south-east is the graphics of an old computer model. We ask those social media users to do not create fear among the people by sharing false news.

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