This article is from Mar 18, 2021

DMK supporters edit and spread Rajendra Balaji’s speech!


ADMK survive by cheating, DMK survive by working – Rajendra Balaji

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During his campaign, Tamil Nadu Minister Rajendra Balaji said, “ADMK meeting survives by cheating, DMK survives by cheating.”

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Many DMK supporters are sharing this video claiming that Rajendra Balaji has broken the truth. But, in this video it is clear that the cut was made while he was speaking. Also featured on the viral video is the hashtag DMK4TN.


The full video of Rajendra Balaji speaking has been released on March 15 in Polymer News. In it, he has harshly criticized Stalin and the DMK, saying, “Everything Stalin’s election manifesto is announcing today is like a fakely, and ADMK meeting survives by cheating, DMK survives by cheating.

Due to this, the DMK has been teasing and misrepresenting the video by editing his speech as it is. Although this video is known to some as an edited video, many people misinterpret it as vulgar speech.

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