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Did Rajinikanth’s family commit Check fraud? | Viral post on the internet!


Check fraud committed by Rajini’s family! Even a loan of just 20 lakh rupees will not be repaid.



Actor Rajinikanth’s family is currently going viral on a social networking site with the Times of India reporting that he was involved in a Check scam without repaying a loan of Rs 20 lakh. I was able to see many people sharing the post on the Facebook page of the troll.

Rajinikanth’s wife Lata and daughter Saundarya’s Check fraud case was reported in the Times of IndiaThe Hindu on February 10, 2011.

Actor Rajinikanth’s wife Latha and daughter Saundarya had taken a loan of Rs 20 lakh in August 2009 from Swastik Accounting Corporation, a financial institution owned by Sumarchand Bafna, a businessman from Thenampet, Chennai, in the name of ‘Ocher Studio’. Two checks dated December 1, 2010, were issued to Sumerchand on behalf of Lata and Saundarya for this loan. But, the check bounces back without money in the bank. Also, neither of them took any action to return the money.

Subsequently, on December 24, 2010, Sumarchand Bafna filed a “Check fraud” case against Latha and Soundarya in the 23rd Court of Saidapet. The case was taken up for hearing on January 6, 2011 and the court had summoned Lata and Saundarya to appear in person by January 19. But, both did not show up. Following this, a “warrant” was issued for the two to appear in court and be released on bail.

Upon learning this, Lata and Saundarya repaid the loan of Rs 20 lakh. A petition was filed in the court on behalf of Sumarchand Bafna seeking withdrawal of the case in the afternoon. Judge Ravi accepted his plea and dismissed the case.

Lata Rajinikanth and Saundarya were granted bail this morning in a case filed against them for allegedly committing Check fraud. However, the loan was repaid out of court and the case was withdrawn. The case has been dismissed in the evening.

It is noteworthy that Dinamalar in Tamil had published a news item on the Check fraud case under the headline “Bail warrant for Rajini’s wife Lata in the morning: case dismissal in the evening”.


Following the announcement that actor Rajinikanth is entering Tamil Nadu politics and starting a new party, the court order to vacate the ashram school run by Lata Rajinikanth has gone viral in the news and on social media. In addition, cases against their “ocher studio” and court rulings on fines have been going viral on social media.

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