A fake tweet is being spread that Rajiv Gandhi has posted Inbanidi as “Chinna chinnavar”!




On June 30, Udhayanidhi Stalin posted a picture of himself with his son on Twitter. Savukku Shankar has posted a screenshot on Twitter saying that DMK’s state media relations joint secretary Advocate Rajiv Gandhi has shared the picture captioning as “Chinna Chinnavar”. The screenshot is currently going viral on social media.

What is the Truth?

No such post was found on DMK’s Rajiv Gandhi’s Twitter page. Subsequently, when contacted, Rajiv Gandhi he said, “I did not post this, it is fake”.

Archive Link

A search on Twitter using the words in the tweet revealed that it was posted by a fake Twitter account in the name of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi’s official Twitter handle is @rajiv_dmk. Such fake tweets are being circulated by creating a fake Twitter ID with a similar name as rajiiv_dmk.


Claim that DMK’s Rajiv Gandhi tweeted that Udhayanidhi Stalin’s son Inbanidi as Chinna Chinnavar is a tweet posted by a fake Twitter page in the name of Rajiv Gandhi.

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