500 rupee note featuring Lord Ram and Ram temple is not going to be issued by RBI, it is Fake


Is this true??????? NEW 500 RUPEE NOTES WILL BE ISSUED ON 22.01.2024! “JAI”SRI RAM

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Ayodhya Ram temple gets ready for its consecration ceremony on 22, January 2024. The Prime Minister is the chief guest and according to the temple trust, over 7000 people, including politicians, sports personalities, celebrities, industrialists and various guests from different fields are going to attend. 

Meanwhile a viral image is purporting on X(formerly Twitter) that the new 500 rupees currency is going to be issued on January 22, 2024. The viral image of the 500 rupees note having lord Ram image instead of Mahatma Gandhi and the reverse side of the note Ram temple image can be seen instead of Red fort.  

The similar image was widely shared in social media by right wing supporters can be seen here, here, here and here 

What is the Truth?

We ran a keyword search and found an image of similar 500 rupees note with same serial number but with Mahatma Gandhi’s photo in Discount Walas article on April 10, 2023 titled “Indian Currency : 500 rupees note lying in your pocket is not fake, this how to identify”.

However, additionally we searched whether the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) or  Central government announced the new 500 note will be issued on the same day of the Ram temple consecration ceremony but we found that RBI and Central government has not announced any such note will be issued. 

We also attached the comparison of the viral image and the original.

In the viral image of 500 rupees we can clearly see the number panel with numerals in ascending order on the top left side and bottom right side are similar to the original note image and we can also see on the left side the year of printing of the note mentioned as 2016. 

In observance of the Ram temple’s consecration in Ayodhya, the Central government and the Reserve Bank of India have not formally announced the release of new 500 rupee notes with pictures of Lord Ram and the Ram temple. 


The viral image of 500 rupee note with pictures of Lord Ram and the Ram temple are edited and fabricated.

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