An old video of temple demolition in Tambaram is shared as recent one done by DMK


Today’s Tambaram Ram Temple demolition by the  anti Hindu and DMK. Thanks for the Hindus who voted for him

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A video is shared with a claim that Tambaram Ram temple is being demolished by the anti-Hindu DMK. This post is shared by many including Vinoj P Selvam, BJP. Other such claims can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching for the key frames of the viral video, ‘India Today’ article dated 11, January 2022 titled ‘Temple demolition video sparks controversy in Tamil Nadu, cops clarify’ is found. The police issued a clarification saying structures including church compound wall were demolished for encroachment upon a water body in accordance with 2015 Madras High Court directive, says the article.

‘Mr Madia Tamil’ YouTube channel published this video on 10, Jan 2022 mentioning it as Anjaneya Temple demolition.

A few other News media outlets including ‘East Coast Daily’ also relayed the same information. YouTurn published an article on 24, January 2022 regarding the issue of demolition of temples. The article explains the reason behind demolition of temples including the one in the viral video.


It is found that old video of demolition of temple encroaching a water body is shared again now to disturb communal harmony.

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