A random photo of a girl is used in place of Rashi Kanojia to congratulate her.


Hearty congratulations to Rashi Kanojia, daughter of Agra district, Uttar Pradesh, on being selected in the Indian women’s cricket team. May you always move forward on the path of progress, be an inspiration and make the society and the nation proud.

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Female Cricketer, Rashi Kanojia who is working as an Assistant Clerk in Mumbai Railways has been selected for the Indian Women’s Cricket for the upcoming Bangladesh tour.

A photo of a girl is shared to convey wishes to Rashi Kanojia on being selected for the Indian women’s cricket team, mentioning her as the daughter of Agra district, Uttar Pradesh. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with the name Rashi Kanojia, we found multiple articles reporting the news of her being selected for the Indian women’s cricket team. But the images published and the viral image appears to be of two different people.

Jagran article is found featuring an image of Rashi Kanojia playing. It is reported that she is the fifth player in the city after Hemlata Kala, Preeti Dimri, Poonam Yadav and Deepti Sharma’s place in the Indian cricket team. Rashi Kanojia was participating in the ongoing Indian women’s cricket team’s camp at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru from June 13.

A tweet by a page named ‘Indian Domestic Cricket Forum (IDFC)’ dated May 2022 is found carrying a photo of Rashi Kanojia. When comparing this photo with the one shared on viral posts, we found that the viral photo is not of Rashi Kanojia.

When reverse-searching the viral image to know who it is, we found multiple results. A Linkedin page is found with a similar image mentioning her name as Tamanna Tithi from Bangladesh. In addition to it, we found multiple social media handles with the same profile picture mentioning different locations. We could not ascertain the whereabouts of the person in the viral photo. However, we found that she is not Rashi Kanojia as claimed.


It is found that a random photo of a girl that is used on multiple social media profiles is shared while congratulating Rashi Kanojia.

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