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Did Ratan Tata comment on cutting food subsidies for those who buy liquor?


Liquor buying should be linked with an aadhar card. Subsidy for food items is to be stopped to those who buy liquor. Those who can afford liquor should also be able to buy food items. If we provide them free food items, then they will buy liquor with the money they have – Ratan Tata.

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It is viral on social media that Ratan Tata claims liquor buying should be linked with an aadhar card so that it can be tracked and their subsidy for food items can be stopped. If they can buy liquor then they should also be able to buy food items.

What is the Truth?

Requests to link buying liquor to their aadhar card arise often on social media. It is in the May 2020 news that aadhar card was made mandatory to sell liquors to consider the age of the buyers in Nagapattinam. Madan Dilawar, Rajasthan BJP MLA demanded in 2020 in Rajasthan assembly to link liquor buying to aadhar card.

Since Ratan Tata has gained greater support among the public, the claim is spread along with his name. But no details on when and where he said it is attached with the posts.

There is no news on Ratan Tata commenting that liquor buying is to be linked with aadhar to stop their subsidy for food items. When searched for the claim on his Twitter account, no posts were found since June.

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This is nothing new to spread information in the name of Ratan Tata. Several times his name was tagged along with misinformation on social media. He has tweeted once last year that the information that he has not spoken is being spread in his name.


Ratan Tata did not comment anything on stopping subsidies for food items by linking aadhar to liquor buying. No such post or news of him saying it is found.

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