Ratan Tata has refuted the viral claims of him regarding the 10 crores reward to cricketer Rashid Khan


ICC imposed a fine of Rs 55 lakhs on Rashid Khan. Ratan Tata, by saying that the person who showed respect to our National Flag should be lauded. Tata announced that he would not only pay the fine amount of Rs 55 lakhs but also reward Rashid Khan with a whopping amount of Rs 10 crore. Hail Ratan Tata

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Amidst the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, a viral claim surfaced on the internet stating that Industrialist Ratan Tata announced a whopping Rs 10 crore reward for Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan.

The claim also added that Pakistan had complained to the ICC against Rashid Khan during his victory celebration with the Indian flag and the ICC fined Rs 55 lakh against Rashid Khan but Ratan Tata lauded his action of respect to our National Flag and declared 10 crores to Rasid Khan. This same post shared virally all over Facebook can be seen here, here, here, and here. Come, let’s check the veracity of this claim.

What’s the truth?

This viral claim is circulated on social media after Afghanistan defeated Pakistan in the World Cup match on 23 October 2023, at Chennai, MA Chidambaram Stadium to celebrate their historic win. During the celebration, cricketer Rashid Khan could be seen holding the Indian flag.

When we started our initial analysis, we didn’t find any reports carrying the news of the Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan being fined Rs 55 Lakhs. We then further searched the official social media handles of the industrialist Ratan Tata to check if he had announced Rs 10 crores reward for the cricketer. There was no such reward announcements rather he had refuted the viral claim in his X account.

Ratan Tata, has tweeted on 30 October, stating, “I have made no suggestions to the ICC or any cricket faculty about any cricket member regarding a fine or reward to any players. I have no connection to cricket whatsoever. Please do not believe WhatsApp forwards and videos of such nature unless they come from my official platforms.”

This clearly proves that, the viral claim is completely false and the industrialist Ratan Tata himself had clarified regarding the same.


Therefore, we conclude with the available evidence that the viral claims stating Ratan Tata announced Rs 10 crores to cricketer Rashid Khan is totally false.

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