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Did the Tamil Nadu government declare that it is not possible to pay Rs.1000 for a ration card?


The Government of Tamil Nadu announces that it is not possible to give Rs.1000 for a family card!

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After the new MK Stalin-led Tamil Nadu government took over, family cardholders were given a package containing 14 groceries along with Rs 4,000 as a corona relief fund.

However, the scheme of providing Rs.1000 as an incentive to housewives has not been implemented so far. In this situation, a message is being shared with the photo of Chief Minister MK Stalin that the Tamil Nadu government has announced that it is not possible to pay Rs.1000 for a family card.

What’s the truth ?

According to News18 reportage, speaking to reporters in Thiruvarur on July 9, Food and Food Supply Minister Chakrabarty said, “Steps are being taken to issue family cards within 15 days for those who have applied for it in Tamil Nadu. According to the DMK election manifesto, Chief Minister Stalin will announce the plan to provide 1,000 rupees to housewives in due course, considering the financial situation.”

Apart from this, neither the officials nor the Tamil Nadu government has stated that the scheme of giving a Rs.1000 to housewives is not possible or that the scheme is not going to be implemented.

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Searching for who posted this, such a news item appeared in a news release on July 12 in a news site called “Seithi Punal”. The title of this news is currently being shared across social media.

But then the Seithi Punal website has changed its title from “Government of Tamil Nadu announces that it is not possible to give Rs.1000 for a family card!” to “Is it not possible to pay Rs.1000 for a family card? ” Regardless of this title change, the content inside the article still states that ‘ The Tamil Nadu government announced that it was not possible to provide Rs.1000.’

Previously, the end of this article stated that it is not possible to start the Rs.1000 scheme at the moment. Now the line has been removed and is replaced with a less assertive statement as “It will take time to implement the scheme.”

Conclusion :

In our search, it is found that no such information has been officially released regarding the Rs.1000 to housewives scheme.

Even the Seithi Punal news website who seem to publish this news has changed its stance by editing their content.

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