Is it the real elephant grooving to the beats? No, it is a costume worn by humans.


Only Sanatan culture can keep animals happy.

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Pooram Gajamela, or the “Festival of Elephants,” is a lively celebration where beautifully decorated elephants march through the streets. It’s a colorful and musical event rooted in Indian traditions, combining spirituality and entertainment for a unique and joyful experience. This is one of the first and most ancient elephant festivals celebrated in Kerala State.

A 1-minute and 3-second video shows an elephant dancing to the beats of the drums. The post claimed that only Santanam Dharma can make animals happy. A similar viral video was shared by BJP supporters and can be seen here, here, and here. 

What is the Truth?

When watching the video closely we found that the elephant is not real but a costume. The trunk of the elephant appears to be not moving as the real elephant does. And the movement of back legs also did not match with the movement of the other legs.

We ran a reverse search using the keyframes of the viral video and found the earliest posted video on the Tik Tok account just_bgm. This video was uploaded 5 days ago and is captioned ‘When reel looks real’. The video also highlights a caption ‘POV: Dont believe your eyes’.

Also, when the other TikTok users questioned if the video is real, the one who posted responds that it is a costume confirming that it is a fake elephant.

The video is found to be recorded in Kerala as the billboards in the video appears in Malayalam. A similar video was shot from a different angle and posted on Facebook. In this video, we can clearly see humans wearing elephant costumes and dancing to the drum beats.

So, according to this, we found that it’s just an elephant costume, not a real elephant.


It is found that the elephant in the video is not real, but an elephant costume worn by humans and dancing to the drum beats.

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