This article is from May 11, 2021

Did Remdesivir was poured into the Punjab canal to create a shortage demand?


Large quantities of Remdesivir are being dumped in a canal in Punjab to alleviate the shortage in India. Be vigilant.



Remdecivir is being used for corona patients in India and there are various problems surrounding the demand, shortage and counterfeit market for Remdecivir.

Meanwhile, a 1.43-minute video has gone viral on social networking sites alleging that deliberately poured drugs in a canal in Punjab to cause a shortage of Remtacivir in India.

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A similar video criticizing the ruling Congress government in Punjab was posted on the Punjab BJP’s Twitter page on May 8.

Fact Check:

In the viral video, a number of packets of Remdecivir are smashed into canal water. The person videotaping it shows him taking the medicine out of his pocket. I could see the word “COVIFOR” written on the pockets.

Searching for this, on the Tribuneindia website on May 6, “Police received information that a large number of bottles were floating in a canal near the village of Bhakra in Punjab. A police team led by the DSP confiscated vials of Remdecivir and Cefiferon while visiting the scene with health officials.

A total of 621 vials of remdecivir and 1,456 bottles were taken from the two locations. 849 unnamed vials were also taken. But drug control officer Tejinder Singh said the drugs were counterfeit. The labels on the vials do not match the original vials of the same company. ”

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Earlier, on April 26, Delhi DCP Monica Bhardwaj had posted on her Twitter page, “clarifying the differences between real Remdecivir and counterfeit”. The fake drug cover featured in the tweet is featured in the Punjab Canal video.

Police have been alerted following the manufacture of counterfeit Remdecivir drugs. They are throwing fake Remtacivir drugs made in the name of Hetero into the canal.

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Earlier, we had published an article on the manufacture of counterfeit Remdecivir drugs under the name of Covipri and the incidents where the police arrested the makers of counterfeit drugs.


In our search, the information with the video circulating that Remdecivir was poured into the Punjab canal to create a shortage of Remdecivir in India was false. What we have seen in the video can be identified as counterfeit / fake Remdecivir drugs.

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