Was ‘Resign Modi’ banner dropped from London’s Westminister bridge as a result of IT raids in BBC office?


Slogans raised in London,

Against incomtax raid on BBC office

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The BJP government banned the documentary by BBC on the Gujarat riots. The documentary created a stir in the country. The income tax department raided BBC’s Mumbai and Delhi offices for three consecutive days. And the news of the IT raid also became a topic of debate.

BBC’s headquarters is located in London. A 28-second video purportedly showing the ‘Resign Modi’ banner is doing rounds on the internet with the claim that the protest against Modi is being held in London as a result of IT raids in BBC office. Post with such a claim is viral on Twitter.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video it is found that the video is old and unrelated to the recent IT raid in the BBC office. Cloud 7 TV Channel Facebook page is found posting the viral video on 15, August 2021.

The Caravan India’s tweet dated 15, August 2021 is found carrying the image of the banner on the bridge as in the viral video, mentioning that the ‘Resign Modi’ banner was dropped from London’s Westminister Bridge on Independence day seeking Modi’s resignation.

The South Asia Solidarity Group Youtube channel’s 15, August 2021 dated video is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video. It is mentioned in the description part that the members of the diaspora and friends of India in the UK dropped a huge banner reading ‘Resign Modi’ from London’s iconic Westminister bridge. Calls for the genocide of Muslims, rapes and murders of Dalit women, and mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic are listed among the ten reasons listed for seeking PM Modi’s resignation.

Similarly, it was falsely claimed earlier that ‘Shame on you BBC’ slogans were raised in London against the BBC documentary on Gujarat riots.

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It is found from our search that the viral video showing the ‘Resign Modi’ banner is not due to IT raids in the BBC office but an old video from 2021 captured in London on the occasion of Independence day for various other reasons.

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