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Does putting ghee and rice in the Yaga produce propylene oxide and cause rain?


When rice and cow ghee are mixed and burned, a gas called propane oxide is formed. It will only rain if there is this gas. The propellant oxide can be sprayed into the sky by air artificially rain. You have seen the burning of ghee and rice in the yajnas that take place in our homes. This is also said to be the method invented by the ancestors for rain.

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It has been circulating on social media for many years that propolis oxide is formed when cow ghee and rice are put in the fire and it is used to create artificial rain. Nowadays, they are started re-sharing this again.

It looks like something printed in the book. It is unknown at this time where it was originally published. 

Fact Check:

The basic premise of propane oxide is that ghee, which contains small amounts of carbon, hydrogen, rice, protein, calcium, fat, nitrogen, and phosphorus, is heated in a fire. Similarly, claiming to produce artificial rain with propylene oxide is misinformation.

In the process of cloud seeding, a mineral compound called Silver iodide is used to accelerate the rate at which the clouds cool and turn into water nets. In addition, solids such as carbon dioxide (Dry Ice) are used.

There have been several attempts to create artificial rain in India as well, and there have been reports of it. However, there is no mention anywhere of the use of propylene oxide. There are reports of the use of substances including silver iodide.

As explained on the website regarding propylene oxide, “Propylene oxide is a synthetic, highly flammable and colourless liquid. It is water-soluble. Propylene oxide is used in the production of polyethene and propylene glycol. It can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory tract in humans and animals. ”

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Such hoaxes make ordinary people easily convinced. Not only this, various hoaxes were spread about keeping cow and cow ghee. In particular, there were rumours that pouring 10 grams of cow ghee into the Yaga fire would produce 1 ton of oxygen and that it would do nothing if the cow was poisoned.

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In 2019, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that only a cow can inhale and exhale oxygen, which went viral in India. The same view was ridiculed by the Rajasthan Education Minister in 2017.


In our search, the post states that the propolis oxide is formed when cow ghee and rice are put in the fire and it is used to create artificial rain is completely fase.

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