Right wing twists Honour killing as a case of ‘love jihad’


Another Hindu girl found dead & packed in a suitcase on Mathura Yamuna Expressway. Huge collective efforts going on by Jih@dis to destroy Hindu lives. In last 24 hours more than 100 #LoveJihad cases reported from all over India.



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After days of Shraddha’s murder by Aftab Amin Poonawalla coming to light, a dead body was found in a red suitcase in Mathura-Yamuna Expressway, and it was reported by news outlets. Ever since that news broke, many in social media started to claim that this was the case of ‘Love Jihad’ and some claimed that Jihadis are out to get Hindu women. The fear mongering reached a whole new level. Some of these posts can be seen here, here, here and here. It was reported by Firstpost, an established news outlet, also posted a tweet subtly drawing parallels with Shraddha Walker’s murder by Aftab Poonawalla.

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What’s the truth?

After the body was reported, Uttar Pradesh Police were struggling to identify the body from the suitcase. Posters of the victim were put up across Mathura and it has been reported that Police received an anonymous tip-off that the victim was Ayushi Yadav. In further investigation through the course of the case, Police arrested Ayushi’s father Nitish Yadav. It was a case of Honour Killing as Ayushi was in love with a person from a different caste, which was not in line Nitish Yadav’s caste ideals. During a discussion about Ayushi’s relationship with her lover, Nitish Yadav shot dead Ayushi and with the help of his wife, Ayushi’s mother, Brajbala Yadav.

But before the killers could be found to be parents, the right-wing ecosystem used the media sensation to spread communal hatred by claiming a religious, communal angle to the murder. There were claims of Jihad, Love Jihad from many quarters of the right wing.

Anchal Yadav, a popular right wing ‘journalist’ from a channel called Hindi Khabar, who had earlier worked for a popular Hindi ‘News’ channel Sudarshan TV, also posted a tweet insinuating that the murder was committed by a Muslim and such murderers could be roaming in every street. The hashtags #AftabAminPoonawala #MeraAbdulAisaNahiHai do not hide her communal angle.


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The same hashtags were used by many to spread hatred and blame people from one religion (Islam) for the murder of Ayushi. Following the tensions created by the earlier murder of Shraddha, the right-wing saw yet another opportunity to spread hate and grabbed it with both hands.


Even after it was revealed that the murder was committed by Ayushi’s own parents, Anchal continues to milk the issue to her advantage, in addition to linking with the murder of Shraddha.


The victim who was murdered and body found in Yamuna Expressway is Ayushi Yadav. She was murdered by her own parents for being in a relationship with a person of a different caste. It is a case of honour killing but it was exploited to be a case of love jihad to spread communal hatred.

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