Dancing video of Rishi Sunak’s lookalike is viral with false claims.


A video is shared with a claim that PM Rishi Sunak is dancing.

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Rishi Sunak was appointed as UK’s Prime Minister after Liz Truss and Boris Johnson resigned. His parents are of Indian descent and migrated to Britain in the 1960s from East Africa. BJP supporters celebrate Rishi Sunak as he is of Indian descent.

In this context, a video of a person dancing at a beach club is made viral with a claim that Rishi Sunak is partying after he is appointed as the new PM of the UK. But this video seems to be in circulation since a few months back and a few of the posts can be viewed here, here and here.

What is the truth?

Some of the videos in the posts mentioned ‘TikTok-Wayne Lineker’ in it. When searching the name, a TikTok profile is found and it says that he is the owner of ‘O Beach Ibiza’.

While searching for his Instagram account, posts related to the viral clip were found on his official page thrice. The first post of this video was on 20, January 2022.

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The second post on 24, January 2022 was screenshots of a ‘Dailymail’ article titled ‘Video of Chancellor’s doppelgänger throwing shapes in Wayne Lineker’s Ibiza club sets social media on fire’. He also tagged Rishi Sunak in the post.

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The ‘Dailymail’ article dated 24, January 2022 mentions that Rishi Sunak’s lookalike is dancing at the beach club and that the real identity of the person remains a mystery.

The third post on 8, July 2022 was a fun post tagging Rishi Sunak and mentioning that he was trying to win the Ibiza crowd on that particular day’s vote campaign.

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A news Youtube channel ‘3W Daily’ also published the video on 24, January 2022 mentioning it as Rishi Sunak’s lookalike. A few other news media outlets also published an article on Rishi Sunak’s lookalike dancing at the beach club.


The person in the video is Rishi Sunak’s lookalike and is not a recent visual but was taken months back at Ibiza beach club.

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