Round 1 photo shared to criticize Sangeeta Phogat, but she won bronze medal in the event.


Think how many normal, Dalit and original OBC women players have been deprived of their rights by this Jat sister, who was protesting in Delhi with her caste lobby because she has to play international directly.

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A photo of Sangeeta Phogat, one of the wrestlers involved in the protest against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, WFA President and BJP MP over the sexual harassment case is widely circulated by right-wing supporting pages to criticize her that she lost the wrestling match 0-10 in Hungary. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the viral image we found that Sangeeta Phogat indeed lost a match in Hungary to US’s Jennifer Page Rogers. However, she won a bronze medal in the event by winning other two matches. Hindustan News Hub reported on this and is found featuring the viral image. The article stated that she won a bronze medal in the highly competitive non-Olympic 59kg category at the esteemed Ranking Series event held in Hungary.

With further search, we found Indian Express article reporting that Sangeeta began with a defeat by fall against Jennifer Page Rogers. The viral image shows Sangeeta Phogat and Jennifer Page Rogers where the referee is seen announcing the victory of the latter.

The article further reported that Sangeeta bounced back her win in her second bout. She lost her semifinal but won the bronze play-off 6-2 against young Hungarian Viktoria Borsos, the U-20 World Championship silver medallist.

Sangeeta Phogat tweeted after her victory, “Messages of congratulations from all of you are reaching me, I am very emotional at this moment. Many thanks to all of you. This medal is not mine only. all are medals for all of you. I dedicate this medal to all the fighting women of the world who are fighting against crimes against women. Jai Hind”, with a photo of her posing with a medal.

The results of the Women’s Wrestling 59kg category are displayed on the website of United World Wrestling (UWW). It is found that the viral image is captured from the round 1 result. The overall result of the event says that Sangeeta Phogat secured third place with a bronze medal.


It is found that a photo from the round 1 result is shared to criticize Sangeeta Phogat. It is to be noted that she won a bronze medal in the event.

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